Jul 28, 2009

Sop Sum-Sum Langsa

What is Asha’s most favorite food, beside chocolate, noodle, biscuits and a sip of coffee? The answer is: SOUP. Since she was a baby, she already loves soup. She’ll have her dinner faster, just because I serve it with soup.

There are a few places which sell delicious soups. One of them is: SUP SUMSUM LANGSA. The place is right beside the famous Mie Aceh in Medan, Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok.

The main menus in here are: various kinds of soup (meat soup or bone soup) and various kinds of soto (beef and chicken). And Asha loves the beef soup. It tastes great. This place has also been visited by Wisata Kuliner’s host, Bondan Winarno. The host of Santapan Nusantara, Enita Sri Yana, has visited this place also.

The price is good too. We only pay 12 ribu rupiahs per bowl for meat soup. And 22 thousand rupiahs per bowl for bone soup.

Sometimes, when you visit Medan, you must visit this place too..

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