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I receive a unique award recently. Read more and you will find why I called this unique. I got this award from Yunie including a unique game to do and post as well. This is cute award I think. And I would love to share this award too. For hot female blogger out there..

Then here is the game:
1. Give this award to other female blogger you know complete with the reason why.
2. Do not forget to give a link back to the person who gave you this award
3. Try to googling this phrase: “[your name] needs”
4. Choose the top ten of the results and post it on your article
5. Find out the results..

Well, I choose to use name: Mommy instead of Risma, because a friend of mine also give me the same award on Blog Perempuan Rumahan and this is to avoid the same results for different blogs.

And these are my results:
1. Mommy needs A Cocktail (I wonder why am I going to need this anyway?)
2. Mommy needs coffee (Yup! This is my favorite all the time. Bravo!)
3. Mommy needs to know (yeah, I need and must know every thing about motherhood and womanhood.)
4. Mommy needs therapy (a skin therapy will be good. I need it)
5. Mommy needs Needs (I already have a bunch of needs. You don't have to remind me about that.)
6. Mommy needs cocktail (again?!?!?!?!?)
7. Mommy needs jaundice helps (I need to open a dictionary for this word and the result is penyakit kuning pada bayi)
8. Mommy needs a review (yaaa...I'm looking forward to this. Hire me to review.. Anyone?)
9. Mommy needs 5 minutes (to write something on my Twitter status. Follow me then)
10. Mommy needs a life (Well, I already have my own life and proud of it.)
See? It’s a fun game indeed, right?

And I hope that Jenny, Morika, and Santhy will be very happy to receive it. I admire you as hottest female bloggers.



Jenny said...

Thank you so much for including me here in your hottest award..wowowoww as in wow of you...heheh
I will post it very soon..thanks again

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