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Becoming a mother is a gift. And Asha is the miracle we have until now. I really enjoy my time with my little daughter and I thank God for that. That’s why I love to take a picture of her every time. She has a special book to keep all of the pictures from the day she she’s born till her first step one year later. I really like to keep every precious moment like that on a book so that I can see them back in the future. You know that every thing happens only once in a life time. So we must keep those memories while we can because you can not turn back time to see all of those things back again. I keep those memories on a baby keepsake book.

I found a kind of this book from a website. This Penny Laine baby book consist of 50-60 decorative and titled pages. It looks cute.

They also provide school keepsake book as well.

And I think this would be perfect for parents with kids on preschool. On this book you can keep pictures of your kid’s in school still be able to see them again even in the next twenty years. These school keepsake books are also looks fantastic. You will love it too.

If you visit their website, you will also find several kind of nap mats.

These nap mats can be used out door. Kids love to go outside and play. That’s why parents need to bring along these nap mats along, so that if those little cute ones get tired after running around with their friends you can use those cute mats anytime you want.

All I can say is this website can offer you many things that parents and young children need. Go see it for yourself.



Bang Del said...

If i have a child, I will buy some of these book. So cute and look sweet :)

lina@happy family said...

Risma, they truly have good and cute products for children. Nice review...
(mudah2an job kita lancar ya, hehehe)

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