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Task-y Tag

8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
1. Ellen Degenere
2. Project Runway
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Crime Scene Investigation
5. Sugar on AFC
6. Fimbles on Cbeebies
7. Pimp My Ride
8. Meet The Natives.

8 Favorite Places to Eat &  Drink:
1. Pizza Hut
2. Mr. Pancake
3. Seafood restaurants
4. Killiney Coffee Shop
5. Jl. Hindu
6. De Dago Restaurant
7. Kuetiaw Ateng
8. Our living room (lol)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Move into our new house
2. My birthday on March
3. A trip we’ve planned on these two months
4. Asha’s first time to school
5. Valentine Days (lol)
6. Attending my sister’s wedding party
7. Have a second honeymoon with my hubby
8. Have high PR on my blogs

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. My high school classmates visited me
2. Highlighted my hair
3. Served shrimp fried rice for my friends
4. Had some beers and cokes
5. Had my crops in Farmville harvested
6. Had a conversation with my mother on the phone
7. Upload some pictures to Facebook
8 Had a beautiful dream

8 Things I Love about winter:
==Sorry, we don’t have winter here (lol)==

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Cooking
2. Reading
3. Blogging
4. Traveling
5. Meeting and having fun with friends.
6. Eat
7. Face book's games
8. Movies

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. Eh, copot
2. Oh ya?
3. Ashaaa….
4. Halo?
5. Mandi yok
6. Bobok kita?
7. Pah.
8. Makan apa kita?

8 Things I Learned from the Past:
1. Spend more time to rest and sleep
2. Eat less (lol)
3. Don’t stress myself
4. Meet more old friends
5. Find new recipes
6. Eat more vegetables
7. Spend more time to pray
8. Make some new friends

Gee… so many tasks on this one. But I did it. Fyyuuhhh… Thanks to Jenny who passed me this tag. So nice of you. Since all of my friends have received this tag already, I will tag every one of you who like this task-y tag (lol)

Have a nice day, fellas


3 thought(s) to share:

Fanda said...

Congratz for finishing another tag...

Joy said...

Fun list! I love reading others' memes. Welcome to the SITS community!

juliet said...

Hello Risma!

I have a tag for you on my blog. Please check Eminent Eights.

Thanks much!

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