Sep 26, 2010

Mommy Will Always Be There For You

Will you ever judge a mother’s capability of raising her children whatsoever just because her child made a mistake one time? A woman who pours all her heart, body and soul to raise her children doesn’t deserve to be judged for all her love and sacrifices. Early this morning I read one sadly statement from a friend in UK. She is a wonderful mom and absolutely loves all her children. I think she has some kind of problem concerning her oldest son who must deal with a law suit. I don’t completely understand about the problem she’s going through right now actually. But I think her son has done a bad thing and pushed into jail. And from that moment, she must face all comments and humiliation from other people time after time.
Through her statements on Facebook I realized that this has made her torn apart, she’s so sad. But I also think that she is a tough woman and she managed to contend the situation with so many help and attention from her family and friends. Until today! This wonderful tough mom finally shows her broken heart. Someone made a cruel comment about her and how she has raised a THING instead of a PERSON who already brings so much pain to other people. About how she doesn’t deserved to be called a good mother and would never accept a reward of Mother of The Year whatsoever. This anonymous person also wrote about how he/she feels so sick and disgusting to see this sad mom’s face and her family in the media and that she should be sterilized to avoid having another THING like she already has right now.
I never thought that someone would ever have such a disgusting and cruel thought like this coward here! And as usual, coward will always hide behind the anonymous profile. How could you curse a woman’s life time of experience to raise her children just because one of her baby did something wrong? A mother will love her children no matter what. Even if this all people in this world aim their guns on one of her kids, she will stand in the front line to protect them. That’s the human nature of a mother. Even a mother of the worst criminal in this entire world loves her children no matter what they do. So, don’t judge her motherhood for her kid’s mistake. That’s so unfair. What do you want her to do anyway? Punished and cursed her son too, like this world already did? It’s not her fault to protect her children she loves. Nobody should ever call her kids as THINGS! Nobody should!
I feel sympathy for her and I pray that she will be stronger and tougher everyday to face these stressful moments. And at the same time, I realize that we, as child, should hardly try to avoid doing bad thing in our life. So that no one would ever humiliating our mom for everything we did. It’s better to make good achievements after all and share all the credits and compliments with her. Make her proud! I love my mum…..

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Lina Gustina said...

It's not fair to blame the Mom. Her son is an adult who must responsible for what he has done. Don't blame her; right now she needs unconditionally support...

Risma Hutabarat said...

Sometimes, you just can't understand what people can do to hurt the other. I can't imagine if that anonymous coward was a woman. If so, what kind of woman would she be :(

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