Sep 15, 2010

Present For Hubby

My husband’s birthday is on November. I already start my research about a present for him. Honestly, I could never find a perfect kind of present for his birthday every year. It seems like he already has everything he needs from shirts and trousers to watches, shoes or wallets. Can you see? I’m running out of options right now. Some friends suggest me to make my self made present instead so that I can give him something unique and special. And I can choose to make a gift on my budget of course. I’m thinking planning a romantic dinner for him right now just like dates we have many years ago before we got married. For that occasion, I think I’m going to make a special card. You can call it save the date postcard. I think a gorgeous and romantic postcard will make our date more interesting and unforgettable, don’t you think? I’m so excited with this idea. No more outfits hunting in the mall or stuff like that. Since I know, he doesn’t need such a thing from me. It’s not special because he can buy it for himself anytime he wants. But a special romantic on his birthday will be priceless.

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