Sep 13, 2010

Sshh...Mommy Got Housework Today.

I usually have a house maid to take care of my house work everyday. But these past few days, Moslems are celebrating their holiday; I must let my housemaid go back to her hometown for a few days since she is also a Moslem. And when she’s not around, I must take over all her duties my self which are cleaning the house up and down, do the laundry, dishwashing and cook for meals. I think you will find me more muscular in the next week. LoL.
I’m not unfamiliar with all this housework though as I already did it since I was in college and stayed in my own room in a different town from my parent. I used to do my own laundry, clean my own room and cook my own meal. I can do it. There’s a little problem here, moms because I haven’t use this muscle again ever since I got married. I hired a house maid right away to do it for me because we’re moving into a bigger house and I was still working at that time. So you can say that these muscles have been sleeping for years now and I must wake them up. And there is another new variable..I have a toddler now. And I spend more time just to ask my little girl to stop messing with me when I’m busy *sigh*
But nothing that I can’t handle so far. LoL. All house work is ready before mid day though I must wake up earlier. But it that’s okay for me because I think I use this housework to replace the exercises I need. But I think I’m starting to have the consequences now. My muscles are all become stiffing right now. I really need a relaxing massage right now but I can’t find a perfect one yet. Owwhhh…. Next month, we will back to our hometown to attend my sister’s wedding ceremony and I will take that chance to visit my regular spa center and have an all day services LoL.
For now, I still can enjoy everything including the muscle pain. Besides, what’s more calming than to see your house clean and shiny; a delicious food for hubby and daughter everyday huh? But the most important thing is to see their smiles and respects at the end of the day :) and all those works are paid.

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Kathy said...

Hi Ris! How are you? I miss you my friend!!! I am sooo JEALOUS!!! U have a maid!!! I am the maid in my home... huhuhu.. and with my Fifi walking and tugging at my skirt everytime I do something, my housework is not fnished until she goes take her nap... Ugghhh... The life of a stay-at-home mom... That's one of the reasons I can't blog that much no more...

I just sneaked a visit here because Fifi is playing with her dad right now. When she sees me in front of the computer, I'm in trouble because she won't stop nagging me wo play with her until I get up and give her my attention...

Anyway, hope we could get in touch more often my friend!

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