Oct 28, 2010

Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy (1)

When I was pregnant four years ago, I read lots and lots of book to find out more information about this pregnancy. It was the first time for me and I don’t have any experiences to deal with it. Of course, my mom and MIL are always there for me and share their experiences but I must try to find out the newest information. Time is changing you know? And there are many things that can be considered as out of dated thing and I should know about what modern doctors said about it.
Pregnant women usually surrounded by myths about how to take care of their fetus in womb. Do not eat that, do not eat this! Do not do that, do not do this! Oh Gosh! I didn’t know that becoming a pregnant woman can be so stressful! LoL
Then, I’d like to share some of information I got during my query for you, about what kind of food that pregnant woman should avoid. I’m going to divide this into two posts and this is the first one.

1. Do not eat any kind of food using raw meat such as sushi or steak. Raw meat may have Toxoplasma and E. coli on it which may cause a serious infection for your fetus. So if you like rare or medium rare steak, please hold your appetite for at least one year. Eat only very well cooked meat for your fetus safety.

2. Toxoplasma can also be found on raw vegetables which were not cleanly washed. This raw kind of vegetables usually used for salad. My OB used to tell me to avoid salad during my first trimester unless I made that salad myself so I can guarantee its cleanliness. Vegetables are good for pregnant woman if they’re cleanly washed. But you better choose the cooked vegetables instead, I suppose.

3. Avoid grass foie whatsoever! Animal livers mostly contain Salmonella on it which can cause a bad diarrhea to pregnant mommy as well as medium cooked meat such as steak. Pay more attention to any kitchen wares that have been used during the cooking process of these meats. Make sure you washed all that wares carefully and soak them in boiling water before using it again.

4. Fishes are very good for pregnant woman. But according to some experts, big size fishes usually have high level mercury on their bodies such as tuna, sea bass and shark. This mercury can cause neural damage when they become accumulated inside your body and will absolutely affect your fetus. The best recommendation made by FDA for these big size fishes is 12 ounces only per week. So, if you’re not so sure about this, avoid the big fishes, you can find so many kinds of fishes out there.
(To be continued)

Image Source: partners.visitrenotahoe.com; www.inhouserecipes.com; blogs.suntimes.com; kasegimasho.net

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Phnoy Tv said...

Thank you for sharing! ill sharing this to my friend

lina@women's perspectives said...

I've ever read that it's better to avoid sea fish at all, as the fish may come from polluted sea...

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