Oct 5, 2010

Is Teflon Really Safe? Think Again

A few years ago, I consider Teflon as a genius idea ever invented for my cookware. I love using Teflon for its nonstick coating benefit unlike any cookware without Teflon which usually left burnt spots. This burnt spots happened because the food I cooked stick to the bottom of the pan or wok. When I know that Teflon can solve this problem, I always buy cookware with Teflon until now. I have Teflon sauce pans, woks and even my cooking spoons. But recently I changed my mind.
I read that Teflon contains chemical substances that could be very harmful to our health since the Teflon itself can be peeled of after years of use or releases chemical gases when used in a very high temperature. Teflon is safe to use on low to medium temperature instead because it releases some kind of chemical gases when the temperature reaches 396°F(202.2°C).
And if we’re talking about chemical reaction or outgases, nothing is safe, right?
These chemicals can bring various kinds of illnesses to human kind including cancer and birth defects after a long term use. Poisonous isn’t it? So it does not just affect our own health but also our kids and baby (if you’re pregnant).
But, if somehow you insist to use Teflon for its nonstick coating, then you better use it in a right temperature range which is low to medium temperature. It means you need to avoid using Teflon cookware cook deep fry since it’s going to need a very high temperature. Also avoid using Teflon tray for oven as well. Then you may consider that at least the chemical effects can be reduced.
But for me, I think I’m going to leave Teflon from now on. Indeed, I have a plan to buy several new cook wares and Teflon is out of my list for now. I can let go the nonstick coating benefits if there’s a possibility that it can be harmful to my health and my family as well. I’d rather use the old kind of cook ware as long as it safe and environmentally friendly. Good luck with your Teflon then WinK

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FaYe said...

i have a few teflon pans, 5 pans. i am still using them but if ever i buy new pans i would prefer the traditional pans.

JENIE=) said...

hey ris! glad to be here...actually just did hopping and ur amongst the 1sts to visit naturally ;)

guess what, been thinking about those teflon peels!!! one of mine has been peeling and it crossed my mind that we were able to inject them with the food!!! OMG! then i think back, what thenis safe to use? other wares peel off too...

what are u planning to?

hope to see you again soon...and would love to receive COMMENTS from you too =0
life round meNyou

Lina Gustina said...

You're right. Let's get rid off teflon pans from the kitchen...

Mighty M said...

I avoid Teflon...I used to have some but got rid of it all. I use a little extra oil, butter, and cooking spray but it's worth it!

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, teflon is bad for the health of people because its residue or the grime that comes off from long usage is hazardous to one's health and may even be carcinogenous. Better buy the 7 ply pure stainless steel cookwares of Salad Master. They will outlast its owners and can still be used by the succeeding generations. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Asty said...

I just know if teflon is not good for health, I have one teflon pan that I often use to fry. This information is very useful, how we cook healthy meals if the tools we use are not healthy, right?

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