Oct 22, 2010

Scornful Words From The Evil Doctors

Do you know that doctors can be evil too? I had a very bad experience about this when I was in my first year in college. A friend of mine was a medical student who works as medical intern in one of public hospital in my town. One day, we actually planned to go out together on a holiday since she got a day off to enjoy. Suddenly she got a call from the hospital and was asked to come immediately. There’s no other way, she must asked me to come along and accompanied her with hope that it wasn’t going to take a long time. Then we could carry on with our plan.
When we arrived at the hospital, she asked me to wait for her in a hall next to the examination room. She left me for a while to do her business and I was just sitting there watching so many doctors and nurses walked by. Then I saw a female patient came in, she was brought to the examination room in a rush with so many young doctors (I suppose they’re medical interns) behind her. They left the door open and that’s why I can hear most of them talking. I can still remember the conversation until now and I translate them into English for you.
Doctor A: “Oh my God, WTF is going on with you? Are you actually pregnant?”
Doctor B: “Lay down on that table! Quick! So we can examine you! Open your legs widely! No need to feel ashamed. You don’t think about shame when you’re making out right?”
Doctor C: “Holy shit! What is that terrible smell? Does it come from you? Have you ever washed that thing off? I can’t stand the smell!”
The female patient started to cry but those cruel doctors didn’t about stop yet.
Doctor D: “I think she was pregnant but the fetus has already dead inside. That’s why she smells so bad! You should have come here earlier, lady. Look at this mess!”
I think one of the doctors start to examine her when she cried louder and screaming in pain.
Doctor E: “Can you shut up? I’m working here. Oh God, I can’t stand the smell anymore. Can you replace me? I want to puke”
Doctor F: “You will need curettage for this. This smell is an indication that you have a dead thing inside there. We need to remove it quickly.”
Doctor G: “Then you must washed your v****a more often to get rid of this smell, lady! Oh God, you’re disgusting!”
The crying pregnant lady lay down on the examination bed with her legs open wide, but none of those doctors seems to care that she's just lost her baby! They’re too busy mocking her and told her to shut up. I can’t stop looking at that horrible scene until one of them saw me.
Doctor H: “Shut the f***ing door up. Who’s the moron who lets the door open?!”
That’s the last thing I heard before they slammed the door in front of my face
I’m going to let you make your own opinion based on this story, moms. Do you think that unfortunate mom deserved to be treated that way? All those doctors' scornful words and mockery statement made me feel so sorry for the lady. I will never be able to forget that horrible scene ever. I still remember it clearly after 10 years!
PS: There are also female doctors between those evil groups.

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Asty said...

I feel sorry for the lady, and hated the doctors who have no conscience, almost did not believe there are such doctors.

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