Nov 20, 2010

We Share The Same Spirit, Moms

Have you ever watched the Tribal Wives program on BBC Network before? I love this program so much. You know it’s always fun to find out about how moms in different side of this world handle their domestic stuff every day. If you moms haven’t got a chance to watch it, well you may want to spare your time to watch it sometimes. The main topic is about how modern women (mostly Caucasian moms) spend time among a tribal family in a remote area and learn how to be like them in daily activities.
These modern kind of moms who usually spoiled by the simplicity of modern equipments and electricity, must deal with poverty and different point of view about gender equality. Some of them were shocked to find out there’s a different situation out there that they can barely imagine before. Women in tribal families must work harder everyday and must able to take care of everybody in her house. They deal with housework in a different way than us. They plant their own vegetables, raise their own goats or pigs for dairy products and they cook for everyday meals. At the same time, these great moms must able to watch and take care of their kids (most of them have more then four kids) as well.
If we still have some places to go to refresh our mind after long weekdays, they almost have no place to visit. They live in a remote area and without electricity. No fancy stoves, you must learn to use woods, no comfy bathroom with a big bath tub inside to relax your body, no spa/massage, no mal to shopping around, no café where you can meet some friends and share. Nothing.
You will always find something valuable at the end of the show; something about how to get better and better in your life. These tribal wives love their life and refuse to change it in any way. Though we possibly think that they’re in a relatively sad situation, but they consider themselves to be happy even without fancy stuff and modern equipments. They’re still happy wives. We completely realize that we live in different circumstances, but deep inside, we share the same spirit and love. The moms’ spirit and love. Happy Weekend, moms…

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Kathy said...

I haven't watched this show yet but you have intrigued me to watch it Ris... You're right though, we're a little more spoiled now than other women who are less fortunate.. So we should always be thankful for that...

Asty said...

Interesting program, we can learn about other women's life, unfortunately I never watched this :(

Hazel said...

hi there. i wish we have BBC on cable TV so that i can also watch the show. we used to have but it was removed by the cable operator. it's actually one of my favorite channels. glad to be here!

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