Nov 10, 2010

What We have Accomplished In Our Marriage

We have been married for four years now and if compared to those couples who’ve been married for more that ten years, I consider our marriage to be a toddler LoL.
Maybe, you won’t find anything interesting in our marriage due to the “young age” but I’ll be happy to share it with you all.
Some say that marriage brings its own fortune for the couples. And I believe that our marriage has made our life (both of us) better and better every time. I met my husband six years ago and he already financially established at that time. Well, at least established enough to have a wife and two children. Right after we married, he moved into a different firm with a better income. After we have our first daughter, he moved again into another better firm with another better income. By the time our daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday, my loving hubby has already been in his newest firm with way better income until now.
We never thought to buy a new house (not yet) in the first year of our marriage. We still focused on saving our money to prepare everything for our kids. But in the 3rd years, somehow it changed. God bless us abundantly so that we able to expand our expectation in a relatively short time. Although we are not as rich as those we saw on TV, but we can pay all the bills, savings for different purposes, insurances, buy our own new house, and we can still have plenty left to use for vacation.
I don’t want a fancy life which can change our life now in a bad way. I have what I need right now and enjoy the reality that I still can spend quality time with my soul mate. So, what we have right now is a dream come true for us. But, now our expectation is getting higher and we have new dreams which need to be manifested LoL
I’m happy with my life and pray to God that He will always bless us abundantly. Amen!

Rodliz’s Nest

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imriz said...

amen to that, too. life's been good...more blessing girl.

Rossel said...

amen, sis! so many accomplishments in just a short spun. may God bless you more. happy CC!

my entry is here...Our Accomplishments

Mommy Liz said...

Sometimes, being contented with what you have is way better than asking for more. You and me both want a simple and fancy life, kasi once we have all these money and fancy life, everything will change. Kaya nga sabi ko sa hubby ko, I'd rather have our life right now than win a lotto and my marriage will fall apart, oh eh di ba kapag maraming pera, di na nagkikita nag mag asawa, kanya kanyang gimmick na eh.

You had been blessed with a responsible partner. I am so happy for you. thanks for joining our CC, I hope to see you again next week. aka, Rodliz

chubskulit said...

You are truly blessed and it's because you have a strong faith.

Our accomplishments

Dhemz said...

wow! you guys are truly blessed indeed! you have accomplished a strong relationship and 2 adorable kids....amazing!

grabbed your badge dear...thanks for dropping by!

Lina Gustina said...

So happy for you, Risma...

simply kim said...

wow! that, indeed, is a blessed life..

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