Apr 2, 2011

My Baby's Kicks

Every time I feel his kicks inside my belly, I just can't stop smiling no matter how sleepy I am.The funny thing is this is my second pregnancy. That means I've been in this situation before with my first daughter. But the magic is just can't stop. You will always feel amazed when you realize that there is a little tiny person who's growing inside of you everyday and how he shows you that he's alive, by kicking you regularly. Hahaha..
This is my 6th month pregnancy and my baby is big enough to show some actions that he's alive, everyday. Sometimes I feel my belly is so tight then I have to find a place to (at least) sit or even laying. The more I touch my belly (or talking to my belly) the more he will kick me. Amazing!!

Blessed you all mother out there who's been given a chance to have this amazing experience. To be able to feel the growing life inside your body and praise The Almighty God for His beautiful plan over you. May God bless my little tiny baby inside my belly right now. I already love you even when you're just a tiny spot inside me.

Image Source: /www.ourbabyhuman.com

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JennyH said...

You're pregant?wow congratulations my friend. Sorry i wasn't updated of you...

He's a boy?wow girl and boy...that's really exciting..good luck

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