Aug 16, 2011

You Are Still A Mother!

Every mom will be very happy to have her own new born baby in her hands from the very first second, I suppose. I said “suppose” because apparently there will always be mothers or mothers to be out there who plan to get rid of their new born baby as soon as possible with various reasons. One of the reasons I got is because having or nurturing a baby is such an enormous responsibility.
You can’t just say: 
--> “Alright, I’ve had enough of taking this tiny person in my womb for nine months. Now it’s your turn to take care of her from now on.”
--> “I’m still feeling exhausted. Could you please take my baby away for couple of years then bring her back to me right after she can walk on her own feet.” 

Then, maybe that’s why some of those moms choose to give up and ask someone else to take their places as moms. Breastfeeding is also one of issues that mom should deal with after delivering her baby. And for me, breastfeeding is all about decision. It’s sad to see someone looks down on a mother just because she’s unable to breastfeed her baby.

--> “Why don’t you breastfeed your baby? That is really irresponsible!” 
--> “What?! You choose to give that synthetic milk for your baby? Ewww. What kind of mother are you?” 

I think it’s not fair. No one should ever judge a woman’s capability of becoming a mother based only on her capability of breastfeeding her baby. There are many reasons why moms unable to breastfeed their babies and turn into formula milk and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Formula milk is not poison! It was carefully formulated by the expert to support baby’s growth so that the ingredients will be as good as mom’s milk. Some said that mom becomes unable to make physical contact with her baby since she feed her with plastic bottle, which is not completely true. You still able to hug her in your arms while feed her with bottle. Anyway, feeding your baby is not the only physical contact you’re about to have when nurturing baby, right? My point is that you, moms out there have all the rights to choose whatever you want to do with your body. No one should ever judge you just because you’re different from the other side of group. You are still a mother with our without breastfeeding your baby. Just do whatever you think the best for your new born sugar. Happy nurturing!

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madrassi said...

If a mother unable to breastfeed for any health reason we can't do anything than stop feeding her baby. But some mother thinking that breastfeed will destroy there beauty and not give milk to baby... whatever we say there is no other food much nutrition for a child like breastfeeding. At least for a year a child need breastfeeding, is what all doctors say to a mother and if bring change into this... next generation will really lack for anti-protection from disease and energy.

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